Audit logs

Your security is our top priority. To ensure the safety and integrity of your data, our backend system generates comprehensive audit logs. These logs provide a detailed record of user activities within the system.

Backend audit logs

Our backend system maintains comprehensive audit logs that meticulously track all user authentication attempts. These logs capture essential details for each attempt, including the date and time, the user performing the action (identified by username or email address), and the source of the attempt (either our Python API or web application). This granular logging allows us to monitor user activity, identify potential security risks associated with login attempts, and ensure the integrity of our authentication processes.

Cloud audit logs

Our SaaS platform leverages Cloud audit logs. These logs track access to and modifications of your project's resources within the Cloud infrastructure. It's important to note that Cloud's logs focus on Cloud-related activity and may not directly reflect user actions within your application. For self-hosted infrastructure, You have complete control over the configuration and management of audit logs, allowing you to tailor them to your specific security needs.

Combined security

Combining the detailed logs from our backend system with Cloud audit logs gives you a comprehensive view of activity within your system. This comprehensive audit trail empowers you to:

  • Investigate potential security incidents

  • Ensure compliance with security regulations

  • Maintain a strong security posture for your data

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