Maintenance & upgrades

SaaS Platform

Vectice is committed to continuous improvement and delivers new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements weekly.

Important Note: These updates are deployed directly to our infrastructure and are only available to active SaaS users. We do not offer manual downgrades or the ability to opt out of individual releases.

Benefits of Weekly Releases

  • Faster Innovation: You gain access to the latest features and functionalities as soon as they are developed.

  • Improved Performance: Regular updates ensure our platform runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Enhanced Security: Weekly deployments often include security patches to keep your data protected.

We appreciate your understanding and continued use of our SaaS platform.


Release Schedule

We publish new versions of the platform for self-hosted deployments quarterly. This ensures a balance between providing access to new features and functionalities while minimizing the burden of frequent updates for your IT team.

Versioning System

We utilize a versioning format of W.X.Y.Z to clearly communicate the release date and version number:

  • W: Represents the year (e.g., 24 for 2024)

  • X: Represents the quarter (1 for Q1, 2 for Q2, etc.)

  • Y: Represents the version number within a quarter (starts at 1 and increments for subsequent releases within the same quarter)

  • Z: Represents a patch version for bug fixes released within a specific version (e.g., 24.2.8)

Python API Compatibility

We prioritize backward compatibility for our Python API across major versions (quarterly releases). This means that code written for a specific major version (e.g., 24.2) should continue functioning without breaking changes when used with subsequent versions within the same year (e.g., 24.3 or 24.4).

Patch Releases (Z)

Patch releases (denoted by Z) are reserved for bug fixes identified after a major release. These updates will maintain backward compatibility with the corresponding major version.

Upgrading Your Self-Hosted Deployment

We recommend upgrading your self-hosted deployment to the latest available version whenever possible to benefit from the newest features and bug fixes.

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