Welcome to Vectice Docs

Vectice is the go-to Auto-Documentation software for machine learning projects and their governance. In the left menu, you can access documentation organized into the following four sections:

  1. 🏠 INTRODUCTION - no user account required Learn how Vectice simplifies ML documentation with our Autolog capabilities and how Vectice can support documentation for AI governance and regulations.

  2. 🏁 GETTING STARTED - user account required Explore your Vectice user account via the application interface, then delve into the Quickstart project and Tutorial project with Notebook Samples.


    View user guides for introductions and in-depth instructions on organizing workspaces and projects, interacting with the Vectice API, documenting key assets and milestones, and managing your organization.


    Discover how to securely manage your Vectice system with our comprehensive guides, covering deployment, SSO configuration, and user and organization management.


    Access our references to gather more information from the Vectice Python API reference, the Vectice homepage website, or our helpful FAQ guide.

What's next?

Take a look at the rest of this 🏠INTRODUCTION section if you haven't seen a Vectice demo yet. Once you have a user account set up, proceed to the 🏁GETTING STARTED section to get up and running.

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