Proactive infrastructure monitoring is an essential practice for ensuring the reliability and performance of critical IT services. This section provides an overview of deploying a monitoring solution based on the kube-prometheus-stack on your Kubernetes cluster. Kube-prometheus-stack is a popular open-source solution that simplifies deploying and managing a comprehensive monitoring stack for Kubernetes environments. It leverages Prometheus for time-series data collection and storage, and Grafana for data visualization and alerting.

Deployment monitoring is a distinct process from Vectice software deployment.


  • Easy setup with pre-configured monitoring for core Kubernetes components.

  • Reduced maintenance with automated Prometheus management.

  • Scalable to handle increased monitoring demands.


  • Prometheus: Collects and stores metrics.

  • Grafana: Visualizes metrics through dashboards.

  • Alertmanager (optional): Groups and routes alerts.


  • Use the official Helm chart for streamlined installation.

  • Access Grafana dashboards for cluster health insights.



Notes or Details

Domain Name

SSL Certificate

Must be associated with the domain name above

Self-signed certificates are not recommended

Helm v3



Additional Notes:

  • Consider RBAC for enhanced Grafana security in production.

  • Customize alert rules based on your needs and notification preferences.

  • Deploy application-specific metrics exporters for deeper monitoring.

Proceed with the deployment following the installation guide.

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