Security updates

We take security seriously at Vectice. This page outlines our approach to keeping your deployments secure.

OS updates

  • Frequent Kubernetes Updates: We leverage a Kubernetes managed service to ensure our Kubernetes environment receives monthly updates. These updates include critical security patches and improvements to the underlying platform.

  • Lightweight, Community-Maintained Docker Images: Our software uses minimal Docker images, reducing attack surface and potential vulnerabilities. The open-source community actively maintains these images, benefiting from continuous security improvements.

Packages update

  • Regular Package Updates: We release security patches and functionality updates for our core software components every two weeks.


Vectice follows CVSS 3.1 vulnerability assessment and commits to vulnerability resolution with the SLA below:

CVSS 3.1, or the Common Vulnerability Scoring System version 3.1, is a standardized framework used to rate the severity of security vulnerabilities in software. It provides a numerical score reflecting a vulnerability's potential impact and exploitability, helping organizations prioritize their remediation efforts effectively.


Resolution target time



<< 14 days

Patch or regular release


<< 14 days

Patch or regular release


<< 1 month

Regular release


<< 2 months

Regular release

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