Organization management

This guide is for Admins who have permission to make these changes.

This guide walks you through how to configure your organization's settings in Vectice. You can customize the settings to best fit the needs of your organization.

Accessing Organization Settings

  1. Log in to your Vectice account.

  2. Click your profile icon and select Organization Settings

General Settings

You can set up your Organization name with the authorized email domains. Authorized email domains defines the email domains authorized for account creation, login, and invitations.

You must contact Vectice support at to change the authorized email domains.

Email notifications settings

This setting enables or disables sending notifications from Vectice via email. If it is disabled, contact Vectice support ( to enable.

Users settings

Enable workspace creation for all users

Admins can enable all users to create workspaces in their organization.

Although Admins can enable all users to create workspaces, this should be disabled for production environments to keep Vectice organized and monitor user permissions.

Enable anyone to invite users to Vectice

Admins can allow any user role to invite others to the organization.

Set a threshold for logging statistics

Discover how to set a minimum row count in a dataframe to log statistics. By setting a threshold, you can safeguard your data anonymity when calculating dataset statistics.

Adjust the row count threshold as needed for your organization's data privacy needs.

Admins can update and set a minimum threshold for logging statistics.

Type in the minimum number of rows required to log dataset statistics.

This number is set to ensure data privacy. The default minimum number of rows is 100.

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