Reverse proxy

Load balancing with enhanced security

For self-hosted Vectice deployments, we recommend using a secure load-balancing solution such as Application Gateway (Azure), AWS Load Balancer, or Google Kubernetes Engine Load Balancer. Our SaaS offering comes pre-configured with this setup.

Simplified traffic management and enhanced security

  • Single entry point: The Load Balancer is a single entry point for all incoming traffic. This centralized approach simplifies traffic management and efficiently routes requests to the appropriate backend services within the cluster.

  • Restricted access: We take security further by restricting incoming traffic to designated ports and protocols. This additional control layer minimizes the attack surface and strengthens our security posture.

  • HTTPS enforcement: By default, the Load Balancer can be configured to enforce HTTPS encryption for all incoming traffic. This ensures your data is always encrypted in transit, safeguarding it from potential interception.

  • Granular access control: We can implement granular access control rules within the Load Balancer, restricting access to specific services or resources based on predefined criteria. This provides an extra layer of security.

Performance and scalability

  • High performance: Load Balancers are known for their scalability and high-performance capabilities. This ensures our platform can efficiently handle fluctuating traffic volumes, maintaining a smooth user experience.

Combined, Load balancing, which focuses on secure communication protocols and port restrictions, along with a Kubernetes Ingress for traffic management, delivers a robust and secure solution for accessing our software.

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