General Architecture & Infrastructure

Architecture Diagram

The diagram represents an overview of the core Vectice Infrastructure, including a Kubernetes Cluster, a SQL instance, and a Bucket.

Infrastructure description

  • Kubernetes cluster: Vectice will be containerized and deployed within your existing Kubernetes cluster. This ensures scalability, resource efficiency, and simplified management.

  • SQL instance : a PostgreSQL 13.X instance to store application content.

  • Bucket/container: A designated storage bucket will be used to house documentation attachments.

  • Cloud-Provisioned load balancer: An external load balancer, provisioned through your preferred cloud provider, will efficiently distribute incoming traffic to the Kubernetes cluster. This ensures high availability and scalability.

  • DNS resolution: Configure your internal DNS server to resolve a designated hostname to the IP address or name of the cloud load balancer. This allows users to access Vectice through a user-friendly domain name.

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