Explore the Vectice app

In case you were expecting an invitation to create a Vectice account but have not received an invitation email yet, kindly reach out to your Vectice admin or email us at support@vectice.com for assistance.

1. Explore Vectice starting with your homepage

After creating your account, you will land on your homepage. To become more familiar with the Vectice software, watch the 1 minute Vectice introduction video.

2. Access your Vectice profile

You can access your profile by selecting your user icon at the top right of the application and clicking My profile. You can also view your in-app activity by selecting My activity.

If you are an Admin, you will notice a tag displayed in your user profile dropdown, below your email address. Additionally, you will have access to more options for managing your organization's users, workspaces, and settings.

3. Check out your Workspaces

To see all your workspaces, including your personal workspace, select "Workspaces" at the top of the app.

4. Browse the projects in your personal workspace

Your personal workspace will be your username prefixed with a period (i.e., .tstark). Your personal workspace will contain a Quickstart project. Click on the Quickstart Project.

What's next?

Take advantage of Vectice's features and benefits by engaging in our Quickstart project!

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