Invite your colleagues

An Admin can invite new users to your organization. The Admin can also allow any Admins and users to invite others to the organization by enabling anyone to invite in organization settings.

If you see an Invite button at the top of the app, you can...

  1. Click the Invite button

  2. Enter the Email Addresses of the users you want to add to the organization

  3. Choose the organization roles and workspaces for new users.

  4. Click on Send Invitation or Create Invitation Link.

If you are an Admin and your colleague did not receive an invitation email, go back to the "Invite Users" page. In the "Pending Invitations" list, click the user menu and select "Show Invitation Link." You can then send that link directly to the invited user, for example, over Slack or Microsoft Teams.

If you are a user, after clicking on 'send invitation' or 'create invitation link' in the invite modal screen, you will not be able to retrieve the invitation link afterwards. Contact your Admin to resend an invitation.

What's next?

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