Vectice concepts

Explore Vectice's core concepts to become more familiar with how to use Vectice. Click on each concept inside the table for more detailed information.


Workspaces help organize projects and members in an organization, simplifying collaboration and permission management.

Projects enable data science leaders to oversee team workflows and track data science projects.

Phases help organize project objectives, ensure best practices, maintain consistency, and document knowledge.

An iteration is a recurring work cycle within a phase, primarily used for logging assets to document work and maintain transparency throughout an AI project.

Datasets reflect the dataset metadata logged to Vectice during model development.

Models reflect the model metadata logged to Vectice during model development. All models are versioned and tagged with their deployment environment within Vectice.

Table wraps a dataframe into a table format, to enable the logging of custom metadata within Vectice.