Vectice for banking

To simplify project governance, Vectice created custom documentation templates to enable you to define templates to automatically produce model development documents (MDD), model cards, and governance reports from your data science asset metadata. Watch the video to see templates in action:

Using Vectice custom documentation templates significantly improves the Model Risk Management (MRM) workflow. These templates ensure that every model report follows a consistent format, making it easier for risk managers to review and validate models. Here are the key benefits:

  • Self-service access to modeling team's development notes for reproducing and validating results

  • Customizable templates to facilitate robust model documentation compliant with regulatory frameworks including SS1/23 and SR 11-7

  • Model inventory and asset catalog captured continuously during development across tools to facilitate reviews, risk management and audits

  • Model documentation automation for regulated & non-regulated models

By incorporating Vectice custom documentation templates, organizations can achieve a more efficient, accurate, and reliable MRM workflow, leading to better decision-making and risk management outcomes.