Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to Vectice?

If you use a version that Vectice hosts, you can log in via the URL https://app.vectice.com. This is the same URL you need for Vectice API authentication.

If you have a private deployment, your Vectice Admin will be able to guide you. If you have any questions, please reach out to support@vectice.com.

How do I get the API key?

The API key enables you to authenticate your requests from the Vectice Python library to the Vectice application. You can create a new API key by:

  • Click on the key icon at the top of the app

  • Select Create API key

  • Copy your API key and/or download the API Key JSON file

For more information, view our Create an API key guide.

How do I create a new workspace?

Admins can create a new workspace by logging into Vectice, selecting Workspaces, then selecting the Create Workspace button. Admins can also enable users to create workspaces as well. For more information on managing workspaces, visit our Manage Workspaces guide or our Enable workspace creation for all users guide.

How do I add a new user to my organization?

Users can invite new users to their organization by clicking on Invite button within the applications header.

You can select the list of workspaces the new user will have access to upon joining and their user role. You can also see the list of pending invitations to cancel the invitation or resend it.

For more information on adding a new user to your organization, view our Invite your colleagues guide.

How do I add a new member to my workspace?

Add a new member to your workspace by clicking the Members tab in your workspace, then click “Add members".

For more information on adding a new member to a workspace, view our Manage workspaces guide.

Where can I find my Project assets and artifacts?

In the Vectice app, you can navigate to the Project, where you will see direct tabs to your project's overview, phases, datasets, and models.

To find your project assets and artifacts, click on the Datasets or Models tabs. For example, to find your model assets, click Models. There you will find your model's metadata, lineage, and versions. Additionally, all assets are searchable across all your Workspaces and Projects from the Global Search located at the top of the page.

What are the types of roles a user can have inside Vectice?

To learn more about user roles and permissions, view our User roles and permissions guide.

How do I create a project template?

To create a project template, create a new project and select the template of your choice. To learn more about the available templates and best practices, view the Create a project and Project Templates guides for more details.