Request reviews and feedback

Vectice simplifies collaboration through easy-to-use review and comments features, enhancing project quality and team communication. Reviews offer several benefits:

  • Understand phase progress and data science efforts.

  • Share phase results with stakeholders.

  • Gather feedback from stakeholders and subject-matter experts.

How to review a phase

To have reviews, a phase must have an owner. Phase Owners can ask any workspace member for reviews.

To initiate a review, select the Reviews tab within your phase and select Request a review.

The reviewer will receive a notification stating that you have requested a review for a phase.

Review Status

To see review statuses at a glance, there's an indicator showing if the phase is "Not Reviewed," "Pending Review," "Approved," or "Rejected."

Providing feedback

When a review is requested, you'll get a Vectice notification with the requester's name and the phase that needs review. Click the notification to go to the review page. You can leave comments for feedback or questions and use the Submit Review button to provide feedback and approve or reject the phase progress.