Log attachments and notes

When exploring assets or creating analyses, adding attachments can be helpful in showcasing charts and data. To add an attachment, log it directly to your iteration.

Log attachments and notes

To log an image and note to an iteration, use the following:

# Log an image to an iteration

# Log a note to an iteration
iteration.log("This is a good model output.")

You can have multiple images and notes for each iteration.

Dataset attachments

from vectice import Dataset, FileResource

origin_dataset = Dataset.origin(name="performance ds", resource=FileResource(paths="./perfs.csv"), attachments=["attachment1.png", "attachment2.png"])

To log the dataset and its attachments to the Vectice app, simply log them to your current iteration:


Model attachments

from vectice import Model

model = Model(name="Unit Sales Predictor", library="scikit-learn", technique="linear regression", metrics=metrics, attachments="regression_graph.png")

To complete the process, you need to log the model and its attachments to the Vectice app:


Add attachments to phase documentation in Vectice app

There are two ways to add attachments to your phase documentation in the Vectice app.

#1 Add attachments from iterations, datasets, or models

The gif below shows how you could add attachments from your assets. This workflow is the same for adding attachments from iterations, datasets, and models.

#2 Add attachments uploaded from your computer

You can also upload attachments to your phase documentation from your computer. To do so, select Insert > Image > Add an Image in the phase documentation, then select and upload your image from your files.