Iterations overview

An iteration is a recurring work cycle within a phase, primarily used for logging assets (models, datasets, graphs and notes) to document the work and maintain transparency throughout an AI project.

Why use iterations?

  • Empower Data Scientists to achieve goals, evaluate results, and refine methods with feedback.

  • Facilitate informed decision-making, knowledge capture, and enhanced collaboration.

  • Ensure progress preservation, build trust in AI projects, and enable time-saving through efficient cycles.


Seamless creation via API

Iterations are exclusively created through the Vectice API

Ownership and asset logging

Each iteration has an owner who solely can log assets via the Vectice API

Starred iterations

Iterations can be highlighted with a star to signify their importance, drawing attention to key assets or information within the iteration.

Organize iteration work

Users can organize iterations into sections within the Vectice app, allowing for a tailored presentation of their iteration progress and the work completed.