User roles and permissions

Review the organization and workspace permissions that users can access based on their assigned roles.

Roles are a great way to group permissions and make it easier to manage them, while permissions define the specific actions that a user can perform within the application. The following roles and permission matrix tables list the permissions for each role available within Vectice, along with their granted permissions.

Organization user roles and permissions

Organization user roles define what users can do within their organization in Vectice. The available roles are as follows:

  • Admin - Recommended for users who need full access to organization settings and management.

  • Member - Recommended for users who are part of an organization and need access to resources and functionalities provided by Vectice.

  • Viewer [Beta] - user with read-only access to the organization's resources, data, or content in Vectice.

PermissionsAdminMemberViewer [Beta]

Read workspaces content

Create new Workspaces**

Delete Workspaces

Manage organization settings

Manage organization users

Manage organization invites

* Permission is valid if you are at least a member of the Workspace. View Workspace Roles for more information on Workspace role permissions.

** Org Admins can update organization settings to also allow members to create workspaces.

Workspace roles and permissions

Workspace roles define what the user can do and access within a workspace. The available roles are as follows:

  • Manager - Recommended for users who need the ability to make administrative decisions, configure settings, and manage user access within workspaces.

  • Editor - Recommended for users who are actively involved in creating, editing, and modifying content within a workspace


Read the Workspace content

Create projects, phases, and assets

Access workspace dashboard

Add members to Workspace

Remove members from Workspace

Update Workspace settings

Delete Workspaces

Project roles and permissions

Project roles define what the user can do and access within a project. The available roles are as follows:

  • Creator - the user who created the project.

  • Owner - the user responsible for the project’s overall success.

  • Contributors - users who actively participate in the execution of the project.


Access/read project content




Contribute to project




Review project phases




Request phase reviews



Transfer project ownership



Delete projects



Other roles

Here are a list of other roles you may find in Vectice:

Project levelRoles


Owner - the user who is responsible for overseeing the phase


Owner - the user who created and owns an iteration

Models and Datasets

Creator - user who created the asset

Contributor - user who contributes to the asset (i.e., add properties, metrics)