What are Phases in Vectice?

Phases help organize project objectives, ensure best practices, maintain consistency, and document knowledge.

Phases can represent stages of the Data Science project lifecycle, like Business Understanding, Data Preparation, Modeling, Evaluation, and Deployment.

Phase Features



Document the milestones, assets, and results of each phase to present to stakeholders.


View all completed and ongoing work for each phase. Track and manage iterations once they're in the Vectice app.


Create requirements outlining the needs and goals for each phase to direct your team towards success.

Use requirements to structure future iterations

Requirements will be used as section titles and descriptions to guide your team's future iterations of a phase.


Use reviews to track phase progress, share results, and get feedback from stakeholders and experts.

Duplicate phases

Duplicating a phase makes a new one in the project, keeping the documentation and requirements but not copying iterations and reviews.

Phase settings

Manage your phase by setting a phase owner and requirements.

Phases best practices

  • Update the phase status as work progresses to increase visibility into whether the phase is Not Started, In Progress, or Completed.

  • Ensure each phase has an owner. The phase owner is responsible for requesting phase reviews.