What are workspaces in Vectice?

Workspaces help organize projects and members in an organization, simplifying collaboration and permission management.

Your organization can have multiple workspaces, each with its own projects, phases, and assets.

Workspace Features


Organize projects

Workspace members can divide and arrange projects across various workspaces.

Manage projects and assets

Workspace members can manage and work on different projects and assets linked to a workspace.


Workspace Members can collaborate on the same project within a shared workspace.


Members can quickly locate projects or information by searching for project and asset names and IDs.

Access control

Workspace Admins can control access to workspace features by assigning user roles.

Version control

Workspaces offer version control, enabling users to track changes and revert to previous versions of projects and assets.

Things to keep in mind

  • Shared organization workspaces are public and accessible to all organization members.

  • Each user will have access to a personal workspace. You can use the personal workspace to store personal projects and explore workspace capabilities.

  • Your Workspace role determines the permissions you have within a workspace.

Workspace Best Practices

  • Although Admins can enable all users to create workspaces, this should be disabled for production environments to keep Vectice organized and monitor user permissions.

  • Create a workspace for teams to group projects. For example, a data engineering team can group their data science pipeline-building projects in one workspace.

  • Use comprehensive naming conventions for your workspaces. For example, for team-based workspaces, name the workspaces with the team's name.**

  • Provide a clear description and objective for each Workspace description.**

** This applies to Admins and Workspace Managers. For more information on role permission, view our Role Permission Matrix.

🎉 Now that you know more about workspaces, let's create a workspace!