Document your phase outcomes

Documenting phase outcomes is about summarizing what you've achieved and what improvements may come after completing each phase. It's crucial for understanding each project phase and presenting this info to stakeholders and decision-makers.

How you explain and present results can impact your company's decisions, so be clear and thorough to validate your conclusions.

Here are some suggestions to consider while summarizing the phase outcome:

  • Check if the model meets the business success criteria.

  • Review and document the work done in each iteration.

  • Decide if there's a need for future improvements, iterations, or new projects based on the phase.

Documentation Editor

Use the Vectice documentation editor to gather all essential info in one place. Click "Insert" and select from the "Assets" list to add widgets displaying iterations, datasets, and models used in this phase. You can also include text blocks, formulas, and link external files like notebooks, images, and scripts for better visibility.

🎉 You're good to go!