Workspace Dashboard

What is Workspace Dashboard?

The Workspace Dashboard gives Data Science Managers and Executives insight into project progress and team activity in Vectice. It helps track projects, spot risks, and manage workloads to prevent delays.

As a user of the Workspace Dashboard, you will be able to:

  • Rapidly make crucial decisions about data science projects to align organizational goals.

  • Save time by gaining insights into the most critical information about the data science product process.

  • Access accurate information curated by your data science experts without the lag and loss of information.

  • Identify and apply critical talent and resources to areas of greatest organizational need.

  • Ensure business KPIs are met with each data science project and initiative.

Project Progress widgets

Below is an overview of how you can use each Projects Progress widget to gain insights into ongoing projects and initiatives in Vectice. Let's take a look!

Team Activity widgets

The table below highlights how you can use each Team Activity widget to gain insights into user and team activity in Vectice.